Assistance request for people currently in the temporarily occupied territories

This assistance request is opened solely for people living in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to apply for multi-purpose cash assistance. The occupied territories are cut off from Ukrainian telecom networks, and thus their residents cannot reach our call center at 0-671-052-803. To improve access to assistance, the Estonian Refugee Council and Unity for the Future are collecting the information below to assess your household’s situation and eligibility for our assistance. All the information you provide in this assistance request is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. Information provided in this form will be used only to make an initial decision whether you are eligible for our assistance. If you are found to be eligible, full application form will be sent to you. Submitting this request will not guarantee that assistance will be provided.

By submitting this assistance request, you confirm that the information provided therein is true to the best of your knowledge, and that you are aware of the possible legal penalties under the Ukrainian penal code for providing inaccurate information.

Only the people who are currently living in the temporarily occupied territories are able to submit this assistance request. All other groups should call the call center as the first step in accessing multi-purpose cash assistance.

Contact information
Please nominate one person from your household to submit the application for the whole household. We use the contact information provided here to contact you in case of any questions or additional information needs.
Please enter the local phone number with leading 0, without any spaces or dashes in the middle. For example: 0123456789.
Please provide a working e-mail address. Information about the status of your application will be sent on the provided e-mail address.
Household members
Fill in the information below for each household member. Use the "Add another" button to add each subsequent family member.
Household information
What is your current location?
Please use the dropdown to specify your CURRENT location. Please start from specifying the oblast, then raion, then hromada, then settlement.
NB! Please be as detailed as possible. For example, if your household has high expenses for medical services or medications, please provide monthly amounts; if your household has high expenses on heating or utilities, please provide more information.

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